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React yearly calendar: un componente open source [Open Source Library]

Una libreria React per vedere l'intero anno, diviso in sezioni, a colpo d'occhio.

UILabel line height in swift

Sviluppando App iOS capita spesso di dover implementare parti di Design che includono paragrafi di testo. Molto spesso può accadere che l’interlinea di sistema non sia quello desiderato.

CallKit for Android in React Native

Recently we’ve encountered a new challenge: add a custom screen for a push notification in an app written in React Native to receive VoIP calls like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Skype are doing.

UIViewController with blur background in Swift – iOS

The blur effect is often used in Apple’s official apps. The bad news is that Apple doesn’t provide any native API in the UIViewController Class to implement the blurred background.