Ciao, we are Belka!

We design and develop meaningful digital experiences.
We strive to deliver value and to bring all the people to the discussion table, no matter how hard it is.

We want to grow an environment where everyone can express their true value, where no one gets benched. We want people to be proud to work here.
In a nutshell: we’re a group of nerds and tech enthusiasts who are lucky enough to do a job they love.

Wanna know more about us?
We upload selfies on Instagram and write some
of our thoughts on Medium.

Our principles

Walk on earth but aim to the moon

Be part of a great team and you'll go anywhere.

Select projects with care

We want to make sure we're your perfect match.

Value your feedback

Talk with users, improve, repeat.

It’s important to be one big team

No secrets, direct communication, sincere feedback.

Use the same process for your own products

We've developed several projects for ourselves. We know the drill!

We love to build products well made

We are enthusiastic about improving other people’s lives.

Our team

Giulio Michelon


Luca D'Incà

Head of Design

Giovanni Frigo


Pietro De Grandi


Fabrizio Rizzonelli

Mobile Developer

Luca Fedrizzi

Web Developer

Massimiliano Bolognesi


Massimo Frasson

Game Developer

Paolo Chistè

Game Developer

David Marinangeli

Mobile Developer

Samantha Raniero


Alessandro Salvi

Game Developer

Claudio Postinghel


Samuel Giacomelli

UX Engineer

We are hiring 👋

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